DFM, originally known since 1969 as Second Automobile Works, is a Chinese state-owned automobile manufacturer headquartered in Wuhan,China. Traditionally one of the «Big Three» Chinese automakers, DFM is currently positioned as the second largest Chinese automaker.
In addition to commercial and consumer vehicles, it also manufactures parts and cooperates with foreign companies. Counting six global automakers as partners, it has more joint ventures than any other Chinese car maker. These partnerships allow it to produce and sell a variety of foreign-branded products in China including those of Citroën, Honda, Kia, Nissan, Peugeot, and Renault. Other brand names associated with DFM include Fengshen, Infiniti, Luxgen, and Venucia, heavy-duty commercial vehicles and buses. In order to ensure quality production of a vehicle, DFM not only uses the experience gained from working with other car manufacturers, it also sources various components of its cars from international suppliers such as Germany’s Bosch electronic stability program and engine management systems, and 6-speed automatic transmission from Aisin (Japan).
According to Fortune magazine, among the top 500 brands, DFM continues to advance and succeed as one of the largest car manufacturers in the world for three years up to thisday.

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